UOMZ received an order from Indonesia

Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMZ, is a holding company Schwabe) in cooperation with the Indonesian company PT Megah Alkesindo demonstrated neonatal respiratory support device APDN-01 in five Indonesian clinics. At the moment the device is registered with the Ministry of Health in Indonesia. APDN-01, designed for effective respiratory therapy, neonatal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP-therapy), can replace costly apparatoy ventilation, said deputy head of software sales "UOMZ" Eugene Plekhov.  

In Indonesia, a specialist UOMZ together with representatives of the RT Megah Alkesindo has tested previously supplied equipment to clinics in Jakarta, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Kuningan, Cirebon, and also in small hospitals Indonesian settlements. Despite the unfavorable conditions for the operation of devices, such as simultaneous exposure to the hot sun and cold conditioned air, changes in voltage networks, reaching 20%, and so on., The technique is working properly. Indonesian doctors have expressed appreciation that the manufacturer provides service support for the supplied equipment. "The feedback is very useful for us in the light of future supply — said Eugene Plekhov. — Given that the park neonatal equipment in Indonesia is quite worn out, the country is for us one of the most promising markets for the supply of incubator IDN-02 and phototherapy lamps OFN-02 . Since our technique is inexpensive, easy to operate and reliable, here it is in demand. example, if you guide me of one of the medical institutions has made an additional order for 15 incubators. " Cooperation UOMZ and Indonesian company PT Megah Alkesindo dealer started the exhibition Medica-2011. The contracts for the supply of medical equipment, signed between the companies in 2011 exceeded 250 million euros. Total UOMZ, part of the Russian Engineering Union, has put on the market in Indonesia about 50 pieces of equipment, including neonatal and transport incubators, warmers, phototherapy illuminators and defibrillators.

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