UPEC summed up 2011

In 2011, the Industrial Group UPEC showed very good dynamics and volume of production, and the introduction of new products. The main challenge in 2012 — to keep this momentum in a less favorable economic situation.

A key factor in the successful development of UPEC has been creating innovative products that provide our engineering division, design offices and United Engineering Center.

Today, thanks to the development strategy of the company as an innovative customer-oriented engineering group UPEC has a good foundation of competitiveness. And the looming crisis is no longer a threat to the UPEC, as the crisis of 2008-2009., When the company had just defined a new strategy and took the path of transformation.

In 2011, the big breakthrough on several fronts were able to achieve at the Kharkov Bearing Plant. HARP went to the stable production of 100 thousand railway bearings per month.
Done enormous work on modernization of the railway and reformatting the ball flow.

Of course, the iconic works were related to the creation of a new product line. In particular, the emergence of new grease Klueberplex-HARP and further development of next-generation products for the w / d of transport — a cylindrical dual CRU-duplex bearings and tapered roller bearing cassette TBU, work on which will be completed this year.

Lazouski for forging and mechanical plant past year was significant because the company started the project on a set of energy saving in the amount of 50 million USD. In addition to work on the reconstruction of thermal units and heating furnaces CC-1 and CC-2, this project also includes investments in production technology TSGSH and agricultural land. Even the first steps in this direction have allowed seriously reduce costs, thus our products more competitive.

Ongoing work on the release of a new generation of agricultural machinery and the development of parts and components for armored vehicles.

In addition, the plant began the first deliveries of bridges on the JSC "Tver Excavator". Orel plant trucks to the test sent to a fundamentally new product — Balancing cart. Products have successfully passed the test, and UPEC expect that LKMZ will not only take the leading position in the market of spare parts for trucks, but also to take its place on the market of spare parts for excavators. For the plant is a huge opportunity.

Worked well in the past year, Ukrainian Casting company. The company has shown a good momentum and September reached a lucrative job. The results of the IV quarter of 2011, saying that the team ULC under a new leader, even in extreme situations to cope with the tasks and shows a stable profitable operation. In general UPEC sees the future of the company is quite optimistic about the casting.

Stabilized production at the Kharkov machine-tool plant "Harverst." This is due to the completion of the roll grinding and "heavy" grinding machines, completion of the design work on the new line of machines for HARP.
We can say that for KharVerst 2011 was decisive. The results of the machine for NLMK's revealed that the company achieved good results in the creation of a new generation of machines.
High results showed last year the Special Design Bureau "Ukrelectromash." This year the company plans to almost double their.

As for the Kharkov Electrotechnical Plant "Ukrelectromash", now has developed a number of urgent measures to improve the situation, which should be implemented in the first half of 2012 g.Deystviya UPEC aimed at reshaping the production line of the factory and the rapid development of new products developed by CSC. It will be a very difficult task, but UPEC seeks to ensure that all perspectives HELZ had to finish next year with a profit.

As for predictions for 2011 as a whole by the Industrial Group UPEC, if used in the company talked about the growth of 25%, today, given the situation, korrektirutsya growth forecast to 15-20%.

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