Uralmashplant completed the shipment of the body rotary kiln for Central America

Shipped the second batch — 14 hull sections rotary kiln made for one of the companies in Central America. The equipment is made to order and engineering company "Tsemek Minerals» (CEMEQ Minerals, Russia). The rotary kiln is used for firing ferro-nickel ore.

For delivery of the second batch of 7 units of special equipment used for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

Like the first time, furnace section will be delivered to the seaport city of Rostov-on-Don and reloaded on ships of "river-sea". By the River Don goods reach the Azov and Black Seas. With congestion in the Turkish port on the class ships' sea-ocean "across the Atlantic section will be delivered to the customer in Central America. The total length of the path — 16000 km!

Furnace body has unique dimensions that are comparable in size to the modern submarine: the inner diameter of the furnace is 5.5 m and the length — 115 m This is two and a half times more than the same equipment, produced before. The furnace of this size produces Uralmashplant first time.

The first batch was shipped to the customer in June, as soon as equipment goes to the end customer — now ship with these sections crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

Work on a new order for one of the companies in Central America showed that Uralmashplant can efficiently and in compliance with all terms of producing serious equipment. It's a great experience and great references for us as a manufacturer —
General Director of JSC "Uralmashplant"Andrei Saltanov.— This contract will allow us to enter a new market and expand the assortment of products, but also together with CEMEQ Minerals offer foreign customer high-tech and knowledge-intensive product. Today, we are in exploring options for further cooperation with CEMEQ Minerals for construction of new cement production lines in Central and Latin America.

— One of the leaders of the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining, oil and gas industry, building materials, and energy. The Company's strategy envisages the creation of a world-class engineering enterprise, which will be able to fully satisfy the needs of customers in the equipment.

On Uralmashplant supported the principal shareholder — Gazprombank — Developed and implemented an investment program involving the radical reconstruction of production.

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