Uralmashplant shipped modern career tracked excavator EKG-18 to the Criminal Code Southern Kuzbass

Uralmashplant completed shipment of EKG-18 for Coal Company "Southern Kuzbass". The machine is made in the contract terms with a high quality. The total weight of the equipment supplied — more than 700 tons. Customer sent 25 pieces of rolling stock, including 20 railway platforms and 5 specialized conveyors for bulk cargoes.


Excavator will be used for overburden strata of coal on the Krasnogorsk section in the Kemerovo region. Installation of the excavator will begin shortly.

ECG-18 — a new development plant designers, modern reliable career tracked vehicle with a bucket capacity of 18 cubic meters. m The machine is designed for high-performance operation in the most severe geological and climatic conditions.

ECG-18 — the first Uralmash excavator, equipped with modern AC drive that provides a significant reduction in unit operating and energy costs while operating the machine. Given the experience of operating the previous model (EKG-1500R) increased hoisting capacity and pressure, bearing capacity of individual components and parts excavator.

Excavator equipped with an information system, a microprocessor control system, as well as diagnostic systems components and mechanisms of control and workflow options. They allow you to monitor the parameters of the systems and components, identify the main technological parameters, to protect components and systems from the driver's misconduct that may cause them to overload and failure.

This is the second machine ECG-18, which is made for the Kuzbass coal miners. First Uralmash EKG-18 more than a year working on Krasnobrodsky section of the Criminal Code "KRU" and has already earned positive reviews.

MC "Southern Kuzbass"— One of the leading companies in the Kuzbass coal mining. Every year the company produces about 16-17 million tons of coal, of which about 45% is coking coal. The majority owner of the company — JSC "Mechel".

"Uralmashzavod"— One of the leaders of the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining, oil and gas industry, building materials, and energy. The Company's strategy envisages the creation of a world-class engineering enterprise, which will be able to fully satisfy the needs of customers in the equipment.

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