Uralmashplant signed a contract for the supply of roasting machine for the company Mahendra Sponge (India)


Uralmashplant signed a contract for the delivery to India of the main technological equipment for roasting machine 100% hematite. The term of the contract — November 2013 This is a car length of 52 m with an annual capacity of 0.3 million tonnes of pellets per year under the metallization. Constructors Uralmashazvoda maximum adapting technology to produce pellets to feed the customer. 

 Currently Uralmashplant produces for various Indian steel companies rolling and annealing process, equipment, rolls of hot and cold rolling.

Uralmashplant has extensive experience in the manufacture of roasting machines for pelletizing plants. Since 1964, developed and put into operation about 50 complexes with roasting machine working area of 108, 306, 520 m2 and hardware to them for a variety of technologies. Uralmash roasting machines used in the production of iron ore pellets and concentrates, nickel, chrome ore, phosphate rock, as well as for the production of cement clinker, waste-free processing of oil shale and other technologies related to the firing.

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