UralVagonZavod entered the market of road construction works

"Daughter" Tagil predpritiya launched a plant for the production of asphalt concrete.

Ltd. "UBT-service" (part of the JSC "SPC "Uralvagonzavod") Brought to the plant design capacity Bernardi MIC 100/125. Italian performance of the complex — 175 tons per hour. In the asphaltic mix includes cellulose additive that improve the quality and durability of the coating. It can hold up to 6 years. Earlier in Nizhny Tagil, a technology no one used.

According to the press-service of JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "in the mode of commissioning the plant has worked with a capacity of 130 tons per hour.

The first 400 tons of asphalt was laid on the road Dzerzhinsky district of Nizhny Tagil. Currently, with the use of new material under repair streets and Youth Okuneva Dzerzhinsky Avenue and the main highway linking the area with the center of the city — Eastern Highway. In addition, the company "UBT-service" plans to participate in the tender for bringing order to the streets Pie, Dawn, Kalinin, Serov, Dnipropetrovsk.

To carry out this work the company has a full set of equipment made in Germany: asphalt, three roller and cutter.

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