UralVagonZavod featured seven new models of cars at EXPO 1520

On opened on September 11 in Sherbinka IV International Railway Show engineering and technology corporation Uralvagonzavod EXPO 1520 presented the largest exposition.

Seven full-scale models of cars of different classes are innovative and demonstrate the latest achievements of the enterprise in the development and introduction of fuel-efficient, and effective models on the market demand of rolling stock.


The keen interest of exhibitors and visitors has caused car created entirely from composite materials, which is unparalleled in the world. New products Uralvagonzavod called an unprecedented example of a significant breakthrough in the application of new technologies and materials for mass production. The composite car — lightweight and durable at the same time, and its performance on all counts is 35% higher than the standard.

The cart has a high load capacity, and the wagon can carry 10 tons more cargo than its standard counterpart. In this case, the economic component of interest the consumer maximizes the effective ratio "price — quality".

In the framework of the IV International Railway Salon equipment and technologies EXPO 1520, Deputy General Director of Railway Technology JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "Andrew Shlyonsky and General Director of JSC" Rusagrotrans "Constantine deadbolt on the first day of the show signed an agreement on cooperation in the supply of composite cars the biggest operator of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Constantine Bolt expressed his confidence that the innovative products Uralvagonzavod will update the park grain, the number of which is now around 32,000 units. He called the presentation of composite carriage historic event that will affect the development of car-building as a whole.

Also during the General Meeting of Interior Non-Profit Partnership "Association railcar", which was headed by CEO Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko. The main outcome of the meeting was unanimously supported by the members of the Partnership's decision to grant the status of the self-regulatory organization of the NP "Association railcar." The subject of self-regulation is the production of freight rolling stock. The main purpose of the organization — improving safety in the operation of freight cars in the "1520" in accordance with the Plan to improve safety in the production and operation of freight cars.

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