UralVagonZavod fulfilled defense procurement

"Uralvagonzavod" has made another significant contribution to strengthening the country's defense.

At the head office of scientific and production corporation "Uralvagonzavod" in Nizhny Tagil has completed the implementation of the state defense order in 2010. "It was a demanding, hard work of all staff of the enterprise for several years", — said the executive director Vladimir Roschupkin. "The contract provides for delivery in the period 2007-2010. for the Russian army a number of modern combat vehicles and engineering equipment, as well as educational booths. All contractual obligations Corporation as the prime contractor defense contracts, completed on time, even though at run defense contracts raises a number of questions related to the timely delivery of necessary components, assemblies and components. It is important to note that a number of major acquisition librarians part of the corporation, in which the construction of close cooperative ties especially effective and important, "- said Vladimir Roschupkin.

UralVagonZavod not only the main supplier of armored vehicles for the Russian army, his war machines are in service with 40 countries. Tanks T-90 and T-72, a well-known throughout the world, are recognized as a reliable and highly effective fighting units. Their common structural feature is laid considerable modernization potential. Rocket-gun tank T-90 is unique in its quality, technical and economic characteristics. He can conduct combat operations at any time of the day and in the most extreme situations: in all road conditions, in dusty conditions and at high altitudes. It implements structural design using modern and advanced technologies.

No less effective engineering vehicles — ARV-1M-3M BIS, IMR-3M, MTU-72. A tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) for its unique performance characteristics and firepower of the military experts called the "Terminator"

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