Uralvagonzavod has developed and implemented a new freight wagon

JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "developed and implemented in the industrial production of new freight wagon.
Model 12-196-01 represents the latest generation of freight wagon:
profiles for load-bearing structures made of vanadium steel 12G2F upgraded strength;
equipped with a trolley to withstand the load of the wheel pair on rails 25 ton;
separate system potelezhechnogo coupling;
reinforced cast-bearing parts made of steel 20GL.

Because of this design feature, the truck has high safety and improved driving characteristics. Unlike previous models of cars, a new version of 12-196-01 has a large load capacity — 75 tons compared with the previous 69.5 tons.

Increased service life and now is 32 years, compared with a pre-existing 24 years. As a result of these innovations significantly reduce the cost of operating the equipment by 10-20% and the payback period decreased almost by half.

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