V.Krivalya businessman arrested for 15 days

Yesterday, when the process began, Victor Kryval lawyer claimed also that the process was conducted in Belarusian. Now in Vzdu protect businessman came recognizable lawyer Alexander Galiyev. As for Victor Kryval second requirement, it has not been fulfilled. Referee Valentin Verdysh refused to go with Russian language the Belarusian. For its part, Victor Kryval refused to answer the judge’s questions and the whole process did not utter a word. Sentence — 15 days of arrest — he also took silent. Victor Kryval custody is from February 16, such makarom behind bars he will serve an additional 12 days.
Businessman punished for what? In the report the police wrote that Victor Kryval Tipo spread on the market in Uzda leaflets calling for participation in an unauthorized rally in Minsk business on February 18. Siuchyk, a group of activists who came specially for the tribunal, says that this accusation in court nobody has confirmed.
"Eyewitnesses were that beheld it with newspapers" Narodnaya Volya "Or not beheld, that he distributed leaflets. So makarom, there was no evidence against Kryval in this case . "
According favorite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev in soon power stsishyla repression against businessmen in the capital, but the pressure continues in the regions.
"In regions calculate people that have impact, and are beginning to use administrative measures regarding their arrests, fines. So Makar, power really afraid because presses on our activists. "
At the trial of Viktor curvilinear attended by many entrepreneurs’ movement activists from other regions. In including Vzdu activists arrived in Salihorsk Alexander Tsatsura Nasanovich and Larissa, who not so long ago served their arrest in Salihorsk bullpen. Came to the process and former employees Victor Kryval who lost their jobs as a result of Decree 760. Specifically, for the abolition of the decree, which limits the rights of tenants, struggling entrepreneurs. "In place of the 1st arrested are two new activists," — says Victor Gorbachev favorite businessmen.

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