V.Orlov: I read a book Survilla as saws March birch sap

Presentation of the book "The Road" — Mon, 17 March 1800. in the office of the BPF. Str. Varvasheni 8.

Book memories made Chairman of the Council of the People’s Republic of Belorussian Ivonka Survila. One of the first "Road" read writer Vladimir Orlov. Now he shares his readers’ experiences with our listeners.
Near my desk on the bookshelf has long standing card with portrait saint Euphrosyne, whose authorship belongs Ivonka Survila. Now next to the venerable postcard took place Ivonka Survila book "The Road", which I read, for sure, one of the first. I I wish to say, that while reading I have not once visited this extraordinary feeling as if I drink the freshest March birch sap.
"The Road" — a metaphor for the life of our delicious compatriot. And the road Ivonka Survila — further evidence for me Europeanness of our people, so urgent was a haven Ivonka and Sorbonne in Paris, was Madrid, where she participated in a radio broadcast Belarusian and Ottawa in Canada … And everywhere Ivonka Survila had worked for Belarusian and Belarus.
The whole book is read with great enthusiasm, but currently I have identified 3 sections. First — a section about Vasil Bykov. Ivonka quotes his wordsand that BNR — is a candle of hope. This candle light Vasily Vladimirovich, it shines and shines Ivonka tyscham and probably already millions of Belarusians.
The following section, which was read with not the least intrigued — is "Presidency of the Council of BPR." I Ivonka close reasoning on why Europe in 1918 did not support the independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. Surely, indeed, to the same so Belarus then had no such conscious diaspora which has at the moment, and the world did not know about the Belarusian people, writes Ivonka because savvy now.
And the next section, which I read with special attention — this section "Distinguished ladies." This section Ivonka writes about his own mother Alvin about Alla Orsa Romano on his shirt Mikhalyuk about Raisa Beetle Grishkevich, other recognized and honored representatives of the Diaspora. If I write a book about famous ladies, there is sure to be a section on the most Ivonka Survila, seventh president of the Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic.

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