V. Podgolov: Anniversary BNR — an opportunity for Belarusians

Podgolov: Freedom day — a unique opportunity for Belarus — Belarus on, in all corners of the world — those who simply sympathizing Belarus — to make one hour Belarusian school. Anyone who wishes to support the Belarusian ideas, culture, language — they will sit and ports for its continued and write Belarusian national dictation — folk writers, poets, academics, artists — all who love beloruschinu.
Correspondent: This is such a universal international flash mob? How, in your opinion, could to organize people around globally?
Podgolov: It is trivial. -Independent means mass disk imaging, "Radio Liberty", everything — make a call — and explain the meaning of this action.
Correspondent: A day you will — is what day?
PodgolovThat — that prazdnichek, celebrated NOT shovels, when caught, drank, ate, pogudeli songs father. This is the prazdnichek when we can show the world and countrymen that belarushchyna lived, lives, will develop and that she has many fans!

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