V. Siuchyk: Anniversary BNR adsvyatkuyu outdoors

Reporter: "How are you going to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic of?"
"Celebrate March 25 I would normally. Naturally, I will come to Yakub Kolas. And if I get the chance, then later we will celebrate in my house, together with the whole family. I really hope that I shall live until when it is prazdnichkom all my people. fact more severe in the twentieth century dates in our civilization, no. "
Reporter: "What do you want this date and BNR prazdnichek proclamation?"
"For me it is not only the date of the proclamation of our state in the twentieth century, but it is also the date covered by our countless fighters. Indeed, I will never forget the memoirs of our emigrants in what was told that March 25, 1940 1st Byelorussian beaten so badly in Vilejka bullpen, he could not read. only thing he was able to do — is to write on the dust chamber window number 25. I know the recent history our country, I know what efforts had to make Belarusian patriot that date remained on the streets of Minsk. For me it is also very fundamentally . "

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