V. Trigubovich: Book Ivonka Survila will be a revelation for many

Correspondent "Nazavitsesya, please."
"Vadim Kanapatsky."
Reporter: "Or have beheld a book that you can say about it?"
"Just flipped through, but I was very curious. Especially since I met with Ivonka Survila. It is very fascinating people. And because will be very curious to read her memoirs. After all, she is very rich in action life is closely connected with the history of Belarus. "
Correspondent "Belarusian writer Eugene Huchok. What be able to tell you? "
"I had the honor to get this book. Beautiful book and very suitable. To show that our spirit is alive not only here, and there. There, perhaps, is more pronounced. And there will be some energy going and to us" .
Reporter: "The singer Tatyana bardessoy BELONOGOV. Either you’re already familiar with the book, or only at the moment the first time took it in hand? "
"Just at the moment, but it is clear that we are only at the moment are starting to go to such a level that we have, and memory, and history. And you can not have someone will state that you have nothing that made it all up . And this book is proof — take a read. "
Reporter: "Ms. Valentine Trigubovich — about the book, about the party."
"I am very glad that there was this party. Mrs. Survila we know so long ago, it seems a lifetime. Leafing through the book, I beheld that some things it provides very short and delicate. Surely, she believes that it has not yet come time to read about them more openly. But for many people, this book will be a revelation of personality, the discovery of the fact that the BNR Rada lives and works very efficiently. "
Reporter "Vice-chairman BPF Alexei Yanukevich. What can you say about the book and about the party. "
"A book I have just flipping through and say outright that I was especially enticed pictures. They are very rare and for me is very powerful. After all, it history not only of Mrs. Survilla life, and the history of Belarus. Very glad that this book came out, very pleased to have received it, and certainly will read. Glad the fact of the publication of this book and the current party. Previously such publication was not, and therefore also encourage everyone to read. "

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