Vandalism in Kurapaty

This is not the first cases of vandalism in Kurapaty where in 1937-1941 punishers NKVD shot on various counts from 40 to 200 thousand people.
In the late 1990s, smashed plate on the cross, "the Belarusian Martyrs."
As for Memorial sign "From the United States to the people of Belarus in memory", the nalichvaeetsa for twelve cases of vandalism. In 2002, just renovated Clinton bench installed in Kurapaty salting U.S. in Belarus Michael Kozak.
In December 2005 unknown vandals defiled twice swastikas and satanic graffiti Kurapaty crosses monument to those killed in the tract of the Jews and the image of God Moms Kurapaty artist Alexei Marochkina. Was instituted criminal case, investigation was carried out long enough, not found the culprits, but some time Kurapaty police arranged clock watch, but it continued for long.
Not just crush and crosses. In December 2002 was derailed about 25 crosses. In the past year, recently Dzyady Kurapaty was broken Cross "sufferers Belarus. This cross in 1989 brought people to Kurapaty on the structure of the hands of the KGB. Watched the cross knocked using the car. Then there was created a public committee headed by Zenon Pozniak recovery Cross and several days Grandparents to the cross was restored. Then once again returned and desecrated by vandals bench Clinton.
In Last year addressed to the public authorities to ensure the protection of the tract Kurapaty, which is the historical and cultural value of the first category. But in response to management Interior Minsk region offered the organizing committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression to pay for security Tracts Kurapaty.

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