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"Act" Polish Card "was adopted by the Polish Sejm in the past year. This law provides certain benefits and privileges to persons living outside Poland, but the Poles consider themselves to know the Polish language and find his family, household support Polish traditions and customs. Winner "card" has the right to get a free visa repeatedly to Poland to work in Poland without a special permit to enter the Polish universities on the same basis as citizens of Poland.
This law has caused a sharp reaction from the Belarusian side. Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov said that "the implementation of the law in its present form could seriously destabilize the ethnic affairs in our country and create distrust between Belarusian citizens of different nationalities."
This week on the Polish innovation collapsed and the president of Belarus. Delivering a lecture at BSU Alexander Lukashenko said: "Our enemies have repeatedly attempted to interfere in the internal affairs of the country, artificially razdmuvayuchy" polish "and" Jewish "issue. Freshest example — the adoption of the Polish Sejm law" Pole’s Card ".
And it is really an apocalyptic picture painted in their own editorial commentary "Sovetskaya Belorussia." In "marked cards" newspaper writes that the card Pole — almost a passport, and builds a chain: first card, and later — the requirement of cultural autonomy, later referendum on localities inhabited by Poles, Poland.
Leaving aside these horror stories, you should probably still talk about the meaning and significance of "cards" Pole. One country assigns their brethren who live in other countries, especially the rights and privileges. Or it really does not generate these people plain double loyalty? What we are discussing is not about loyalty to the existing authorities, and about loyalty to the state, to the country is not the solution to a certain extent incomprehensible? Valery Bulgakov, what do you think? "

Bulgakov: "I worked for the past year at one of Warsaw Institute. And already there in Warsaw we began zealously debate about the meaning, value, and the likely consequences of this" Polish Card. "I must say that from the beginning I expressed some skepticism about whether it was true did the Polish government introducing such a document. My argument was faster from the philosophy of civilization and nationalism on the European mainland.
Introducing the "Pole’s Card", the Polish elite virtually subscribe to the doctrine of ethnic nations. Such initiatives are the first in the center of the continent euros, in France or in the UK hard to imagine being the introduction of the card or cards Frenchman Briton. In general, this tradition rises davneshnih times I remember the philosophy or practice of nations Gerdera second half of the twentieth century, when, say, the Turkish guest workers in Germany had to live 10’s years with no hope to get German citizenship, while ethnic Germans from the Soviet Union obtained this citizenship without SUR ‘no serious problems.
Because my arguments were of the kind that is the resurgence of ethnic nationalism, and that such a principle is contrary to the values of civilian nationalism. But now, after I returned home and looked like the Belarusian authorities to react to the introduction of this "card", my position has changed.

V. Bulgakov: "This is the resurgence of ethnic nationalism and such is contrary to the principle of civilian values of nationalism"

Introduction "Polish Card" — a first demonstration that Poland is becoming influential players in our region. What frankly afraid of the Belarusian authorities, it is losing control over public policy in Belarus. Control — the main keyword and phobia, which is emitted from the official statements of the Belarusian people kind Charhinets, Lukashenko or official pro-government journalists.
In Belarus, the de facto restored Russian government policy, but it is rather awkward, pretty rough, just with rhetoric about the state of harmony we litsezreem real persecution of Belarusian Belarusians, Poles or other ethnic minorities in Belarus. And of course, that if the "map of the Pole" would be something cute, when will the grassroots movement, say, the inhabitants of western and central Belarus as it is received, it can destabilize the balance of that State, which has evolved now. "
Drakakhrust"Andrew, Valery has already started talking about the international practice, the practice of Europe. Seems foreign assistance sumplyamennikam titular civilization is quite vserasprostranennoy practice in the world. Wahler here said that is impossible to imagine for a map of French or British. But, for example, Germany Israel always fussing about Germans and Jews, respectively, in the world, Our homeland has support applets citizens. Regarding RF, it from time to time even putting pressure on the adjacent country, ensuring the rights of the Russian language — the language of Russians living in these countries. So approach here is different than Warsaw? maybe more broad question — such a policy of support for ethnic suplyamnennikav corresponds with the principles of building a civilian nations, which is currently accepted as a theorem in the European Union and which was first laid in the foundation of the United States? "

Andrei Poczobut (left) in Grodno courtPoczobutt"Indeed, such" Polish Card "documents are Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and our homeland, which intensively support their diaspora. It looks completely natural that the government is busy on its own citizens living abroad. I do not see some contradiction here. Poland’s accession to the EU does not mean that the Polish civilization disappeared.
According to "map" the Poles living outside of Poland, will have the opportunity to go to Poland and work in Poland.
I wish to draw attention to the fact that according to Polish law day though what a Belarusian citizen is entitled to six months at the invitation of the office to go to work in Poland.

A. Poczobutt: "Poland will not be supported by actions that weaken or harm the independence of Belarus"

Status holder "card" will be different in that it does not need to be 6 months vorachivatsya in Belarus to receive anew the invitation and go again.
You, Yuri, uttered about dual loyalty. It is characteristic of all national minorities, I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus priklnnym, but I’m also a Pole, and I care Poland, indifferent to what is happening there. It seems to me entirely commonplace. This phenomenon can benefit both Poland and Belarus, as well as the Polish minority, as no matter what the minority is interested in, that were peaceful, good-neighborly relations between countries. It is worth keeping this in mind when analyzing the apocalyptic predictions that occasionally throws "Russian Belarus." Poland supports the independence of Belarus and that the strategic direction of Polish foreign policy. And Poland will not be supported by actions that weaken or harm the independence of Belarus. And it’s not arrogance Polish right-wing politicians, this theorem, which hold all the political forces in Poland.
Here, for example, you can try to recall the proclamation of Polish autonomy in Lithuania. This attempt was not supported by Poland, because it alternately supported the independence of Lithuania. If a mind-boggling to imagine a plane for himself, that any adventurous actions came from the Polish
minority in Belarus, they could not be fully supported and would find no awareness in Poland. "Pole’s Card" — is to help countries to Polish citizens abroad. And nothing more. "

"I personally think is not quite correct term citizens, which in this context is quite often used. For example, for all the people of Belarus Fatherland — is Belarus, they are fellow citizens among themselves and with anyone else. In my opinion, read my countrymen — more correctly, Belarus live representatives of different ethnic groups. But this by the way. Maksimyuk Yang as you, born in Bialystok, Bialystok Byelorussian evaluate "Pole’s Card"? "

Maksimyuk: "There’s a lot of subtext: and mental, and historical and cultural plan. Poles themselves talk about this" Polish Card ", I must say that not everyone agrees with it. Necessary to draw attention to that thought giving certain rights or fellow tribesmen dyskutavalisya in Poland for 10 years. But "map" was adopted only a few months back the government adopted, which in Poland is considered the right — the government of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who spoiled the case with the East as I could.
It’s clear that this "map Pole" gives some nice economic benefits for all those who consider themselves Pole and live in areas of the former USSR. It does not affect all Poles globally outside Poland, and specifically those who remained in the former Russian Union.

Ya Maksimyuk: "It is a question of a few 10’s of thousands of young, socially mobile people for whom economic and political conditions in Belarus are not very presentable"

Poles, for example, they say that 900 thousand people in Belarus can theoretically get a "map". You can set for yourself the question, where this figure is taken, why Poles so stubbornly ignore the figure of 400 thousand Poles in Belarus, which exists in the census. I suspect that the case is not about the number of people who declare themselves Poles, and almost on the number of people or the Catholic faith with Catholic roots. I think "map Pole" raises anew this accursed Belarusian issue last century: Catholic in Belarus — it is definitely a Pole or it can be and Belarusians?
These 900 thousand — a figure betrothed historian Yuri Turonku it just Catholics and people with Catholic roots. I believe that the figure will be eligible for this "card" will be 10 times smaller than the 900 or even 400 thousand thousand. I believe that is a question of a few 10’s of thousands of young, socially mobile people for whom economic and political conditions in Belarus are not very presentable. They can use it, and go to a neighboring country to bring their abilities even faster and even the best criteria. "

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