Vilnius: Belarusians — For the freedom of Tibet

At each picket in front of the Chinese Embassy People’s Republic of together with Tibetan symbols and flags will take white-red-white flag, calls on the Belarusian. With own symbols joined civilian shares Belarusians in Lithuania — Euro Institute of Humanities students.
During pickets sounds of Tibetan music that participants themselves perform on instruments brought from Tibet.
Now picket in front of the Chinese Embassy gathered a few 10’s of people. YSU student Oleg Grubich held a sign with the words in Chinese and Belarusian, which made for the shares itself.
"I come here the fourth day, every day, as long as the action began. Why? Just can not tolerate this crime that is committed against the monks in Lhasa against the crush at the moment.
I believe that fighting for the freedom of others, he becomes a free man, free. Believe that there is freedom in a particular nationality — when we come here, we make a step forward for themselves and towards freedom in Belarus, "- said Oleg Grubich.

Very basically, what’s with us Belarusians. They really understand what the struggle for freedom in the world.

"Very fundamentally, that there Belarusians us — says one of the speakers. — Belarusian students come not only to the Belarusian Embassy in Vilnius with pickets, they really understand what the struggle for freedom in the world. "
It Zhydanitse active movement of the group Free Tibet says that he was initially conceived only one picket, but at the moment Protest grew up in a five-day pickets and share music in the evenings, and just now began to work and Lithuanian website traffic.
"We were joined by people of good will. Our informal movement for freedom in Tibet — an association of ordinary people around the world. We are very grateful to Belarusians, we especially emphasize this: we have more for these shares hit highest consciousness Belarusian students, this is a real example for our Lithuanian students. "
Shares hold informal Lithuanian movement for freedom for Tibet, which has initiated a group of Lithuanian writer Jurga Ivanavskaytse support Tibet. Pickets authorized. Movement called informal, as it is not officially registered. Unregistered organizations and communities in Lithuania operate freely, the role of such organizations is not a violation of the law. Police did not prevent protesters.
Shares of "Free Tibet" will be continued in Vilna by the end of the week. They are also dedicated to the memory of the writer Jurga Ivanavskaytse, creator of several books on the topics of Tibet, which she knew from the experience of their own trips. Tags: Vilnius, picket, Tibet, YSU

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