VISIT OF PENTAGON in Asia Pacific aggravate tensions in the region — China EXPERTS

VISIT OF PENTAGON in Asia Pacific aggravate tensions in the region - China EXPERTS
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (Leon Panetta) did a week-long tour of the Asia-Pacific region to build the South American military influence in this region of the world, now writes Chinese newspaper China Daily. Pentagon chief visits Japan, China and The latest Zealand.
It was the first visit to China and Panetta third tour of Asia since it in July 2011, was appointed Minister of Defense. He also became the first Pentagon chief, who in 1982 visited The latest Zealand.
In Beijing, Panetta said the United States will play a constructive role in the Asia-Pacific region by strengthening military cooperation with some countries of the continent to increase their defense capabilities, moving away from the practice of the creation of new U.S. bases in their country. During the meeting the U.S. Secretary of Defense held talks with Vice President Xi Jinping (Xi Jinping).
During a visit to Japan, Tokyo and Washington signed an agreement on the deployment in the Land of the Rising Sun second radar defense system was also obtained approval from the Japanese government on flights konvertoplanov MV-22 Osprey. Panetta welcomed the improvement of military relations between China and of New Zealand, but expressed concern about the ability of «displacement military focus» in the region.
On Friday, Panetta said Washington cancels 26-year ban visiting warships of New Zealand U.S. ports. Military potential of the country is small, and lifting of the ban is unlikely to a large extent affect the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region.
The visit of the U.S. military coincided with the escalation of tensions between Tokyo and Beijing because of the Diaoyu Islands. In China, there were mass protests against the purchase of the islands of Japan, because China had these islands with ancient times.
Dr. Institute of international relations Chinese Foreign Minister Li Haidong (Li Haidong) said that Panetta’s visit to Japan was aimed at strengthening the already cramped military relations with this country. Panetta urged China and Japan to exercise restraint in territorial disputes, but at the same exercise initiated beginning amphibious forces of the U.S. Navy and the land of the rising sun scripted lessons «occupied the islands.»
Regional tensions gives the U.S. an excuse to interfere in the affairs of Asia-Pacific, said the expert China Institute of Contemporary international relations ZONZA Ruan (Ruan Zongze). Expert expressed the view that the U.S. use its military presence in the region for the creation of hotbeds of tension. «How this is done can be seen in the example of the Philippines,» he said. In September, two South American nuclear submarines arrived at the base of Subic Bay Naval Forces of the Philippines.

photo — U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta system bypasses the PLA Navy sailors, September 18, 2012

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