Viteblyane believe most famous Belarusian Euphrosyne

Woman: "It Euphrosyne of Polotsk, I think. She was the first lady who opened the monasteries, transcribed books."
Man: "I’m not a local, came from New Urengoy. Known only Dorofeev Ira is a singer."
Lady: "I know Euphrosyne. Afanasyev and Innu, it is often demonstrated on TV.’s All."
Man: "This is probably Euphrosyne of Polotsk. We all started with Euphrosyne. And who else? I do not know. Come on, maybe my wife "roll"? "
Lady: "Agurbash. Singer, model, beautiful, at the "Eurovision" performed. Because, for sure, and the prince’s — it more than others know. "
Woman: "Ales can. Singer was. Barabanschikova More."
Young Man: "I do not know. I think Euphrosyne of Polotsk".
Lady: "Larissa Gribaleva!"
Woman: "Euphrosyne of Polotsk. This first lady from Belarus, which became known, despite the fact that she is a lady! A lady known to become very difficult. Especially at the moment! And now, not counting Lukashenka, I did not I know! "(laughs)
Woman: "I believe that the most eminent lady in the world — the woman is a legend, which they say all that much, but that nobody nowhere beheld — a spouse is our president. All other presidents and their spouses and one of him, and all very curious, where his "half" … But seriously read, the most eminent Belarusian — this writer Svetlana Aleksievich. What she does — a bold thing, and very sorry that there, in Belarus, it is not appreciated. "
Young Man: "Surely, Euphrosyne of Polotsk. Since she did very many Belarus — for the spiritual life of Belarus. "
Woman: "Polina Polina. She performed from Belarus at" Eurovision ", at the moment it is in Moscow, but also, probably, has some plans for Belarus. We can say, also develops Belarusian culture. "
Lady: "Well, I know that we have some there" star "of show business, but do not know their names, but they all face similar … Distinguished lady — this, I think the lady that on a TV show about which they say. And we have only tele Lukashenko, but he says only his heed and praise. And what a lady in the same way we praise? No one! "
Young Man: "Euphrosyne of Polotsk we prince."
Woman: "Euphrosyne of Polotsk. She is known for her textbook writing. We know a lot about her. And she very many made, if so memorably. "

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