Vitebsk: arrests and fines activists

According to the decree the October District Court Judge Ira Smoliakova, members of the CCP BPF Yang Tovpyga and Ales Pozniak arrested on 8 days.
Guys came a day or two now in Liberty Square with white-red-white flags. Police detained them almost 5 minutes. The department activists made reports for the company unsanctioned rally.
A few hours in the October district court reversed the case was considered a member of the CCP BPF Sergei Kovalenko, also detained with white-red-white flag. Ira Smolyakova referee awarded him 10 days in jail.
Sergei Kovalenko, Yang Tovpyga and Ales Pozniak izalatar placed in temporary detention.
Lena Zalessk awarded a fine of 700 thousand rubles for the fact that she came to the center of Vitebsk with white-red-white scarf on the neck. Train district court referee Roman Degoda regarded it as an unauthorized street action.
Participant unresolved shares also recognized and Antonina Pivonos, standing beside Lena Zalessk, holding a towel, which was reddish thread embroidered prayer "Our Father." Ms. Pivonos Tribunal fined 70 thousand rubles.
Towel was confiscated by police who detained activists, and in communion with the case materials. White-red-white scarf Lena Zalessk also while it against the will were taken from 75-year-old Ms. three policemen.
Boris Khamaida, Now also arrested for what was in the red-white scarf, claimed that the court or was conducted in Belarusian, or so he was given an interpreter, because he does not always savvy judge’s questions. Petition Tribunal granted the opposition, and the role of the translator process will be extended on April 1. Tags: CCP-BPF, Vitebsk, arrests, fines

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