Vitebsk authorities forbade meeting with Milinkevich

Vitebsk activist Christopher Zhelyapova, 1st meeting of the applicants, refusal representative government has no legitimate reason.
Zhelyapau: "Failure Losich Paul has no legitimate grounds, as the law to which he refers — the law on mass events — it does not matter to regulate assembly of people. We are not common event will allow us to ask, do not picket or rally! We applied for an assembly of people, and there is a separate expense about gatherings of people! Besides, my application was supported by the signatures of about five hundred inhabitants of Vitebsk, and I believe that it’s just disrespect on the part of the authorities to those people, I just wish to change Alexander Milinkevich. "
Christopher Zhelyapau also noted that the meeting with Alexander Milinkevich planned not outdoors, and in the cinema "Mir". Because the employee claims to the city executive committee that the applicants have not agreed with municipal services or the police as groundless: for order in rented premises normally meets its owner, rather than a temporary tenant.
Refusal, signed by the Deputy Executive Committee Vitebsk, sire Zhelyapau together with other applicants with 2, Lena St. Thomas and Alexei Gavrutsikavym going through the appeal tribunal. He hopes that this will make a day or before the scheduled meeting, on 22 February. Although, in him, meeting will be held for all criteria — with the permission of the authorities or without — because itth wish themselves inhabitants of Vitebsk. Tags: Milinkevich, Vitebsk, Zhelyapau, Losev

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