Vitebsk control BPF Youth left under arrest

Vitebsk defenders Leonid Svetsik Levinov Paul insisted, that Andrew was released home for the night, because he has a child with a disability. But the chief of the police department the October Prokopovych Andrew refused to accept the decision even after, human rights activists called the Ministry of Interior.
Managing Vitebsk organization "Youth BPF" was arrested for the fact that a couple of minutes unfolded white-red-white flag at the end of the action near the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich, which was dedicated to tomorrow’s 90th anniversary of the BNR.

Yulia Mikhailova father wrote a complaint against him, coupled with militsionerovZaderzhannyh minors Yulia Mikhailova and sisters Christine and Victoria Czyz was released from the site after the survey.
Yulia Mikhailova father was not allowed to be in the survey’s daughter, and is a violation it must be fixed in the book of complaints. Tomorrow, all three girls have to appear in the October district tribunal as witnesses in the case of Alexander Kuznetsov. Tags: BNR, Vitebsk, anniversary, 90th

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