Vitebsk: flag in honor of Larissa Heniyush

According to local opposition leader Boris Khamaida, the flag was attached a note later: "The Honor and Glory outstanding poet, indomitable Larissa Heniyush which refused Russian citizenship to the last days of life remained a citizen Belarusian People Republic. "How to live, then live Belarus , and without it — did not live!. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Long live Belarus! Lives forever! Myron. "
Boris Khamaida recalled nowshny flag — is the next step, "White-red-white marathon", timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the famous Myron BNR. Flag in honor of Larissa Heniyush the bill was the seventeenth state emblem raised in Vitebsk, in a symbol of remembrance of the events of March 25, 1918, when it was declared is independent Belarusian People’s Republic of.

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