Vladimir Lysko: Take torment for the Motherland — honor

Roots: "The Emperor Vladimir, what sense do you personally invest in the day Will What prazdnichek you this?"
Lysko: "Will a day, day Belorussian People’s Republic of — this day of our independence. And I am convinced that it is the largest in our prazdnichek Belarus. "
Roots: "It so happened that you — one of the first independent Belarus, who was punished for political activity. And significantly, condemned just for his role in the campaign to the anniversary of the BNR. Do you regret that became "the pioneers"?
Lysko: "No, I do not regret. Besides, from the appointed time I left only half a year: March 8 deadline gone, a year later, on March 12, after the amnesty was home. And, as once said Yuri Khadika, for me it is an honor — "sit" for the homeland. "
Roots: "As in This year You plan to celebrate the day of the Will? "
Lysko: "Like all: March 25 march will also go to Yakub Kolas. This is, without question."

Vladimir Lysko was born July 20, 1957 in Borisov. In 1974 he entered the Polytechnic College in "engineering geodesy," distributed at the end of Minsk.
For his role in an unsanctioned rally in Freedom day March 25 1997 was sentenced to two years "Chemistry". Punishment served in Gomel.

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