Vyachorka: Unparalleled Event

At a meeting of the European People’s Party "European Democrats" — the largest faction in the European Parliament, MPs were briefed on the political situation in Belarus, the situation with human rights and the media.
Intriguing cases Deputies charge students from universities, urging them to join the army.
Representatives of the Belarusian delegation, namely, Alexander Milinkevich, talk about the need to reduce the price of visas for people of Belarus Country Shengenskay zone.
Thought of the "Belarusian Week" in the European Parliament belonged Deputy Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka. Here’s what he said our radio.
"Back in January this year I wrote a letter to the president of the European Parliament proper Hans-Gerdt Poettering and the newly elected chairman of the delegation for relations with Belarus Yatsku Protasevich. Both reacted very positively to the organization was involved in the European People’s Party, and the case went. I will also say that it was supported by the United States internationally Republican Institute.
This is unprecedented and Belarusian -independent forces, and for the Euro Parliament share. The first time such a wide range of Belarusian political leaders, public favorites, creative people gathered together with the chairman of BNR Ivonka Survila in the European Parliament.
Rank meetings assured presence and speech of the President of the European Parliament Hans-Gerdt Poettering, the European Commissioner responsible for external affairs, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the Governing faction European People’s Party and the international relations committee of the Euro Parliament.
We are political meetings, creative activities, among which — the opening exhibition of paintings Belarusian Alexei and Igor Marochkin concert of Belarusian music of various genres, embodied talent Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich.
Occur as public debate on Belarus supplies to Europe and its chances vsepolnotsenno back into the European political and civilized place. And all this is happening under our state white-red-white flag.
I think now we can say and this action is unprecedented and that it should work on the consolidation of the Belarusian society around Belarusian independence standards, and the position of Europe is united in the defense of our independence and the chance to regain freedom. "
MEPs discussed with Belarusian political situation favorites recently elections House of Representatives.

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