Want to become a student — Go through professional psychological test

Own rules of admission to universities were approved by Presidential Decree two years reversed in February 2006. The authorities argued that by As the last for 5 years, they will not be changed. But here’s the configuration made, and significant enough.
According to the decree abolished internal exam to university in subjects that are included in the centralized testing. Chairman unchanged Commission on Education, Culture, Science House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanowicz believes this change is fully appropriate:
"It is forbidden to a higher education institution to hold an examination on the subject, which coincides with the object rendered on centralized testing. Disappears then the meaning of the test. And less effort and resources will be spent on the opening campaign."
Associate Professor of the Belarusian Institute of Culture, history teacher
Oleg Trusov this unhappy change. He believes it must back to an old system of reception — entrance exams:
"Apart from the tests necessary to the same oral exams, especially the humanities, to see how people thinks, ask him questions. After the test, you can just guess, not knowing certain circle of numbers and get results. Later it turns out that students can not think, can not logically argue. Well, there memorize dates of events, is that knowledge? Because I am totally against, that the tests were a key test. "
There are in the document and another formulation: "The competition in the field on which any special requirement for Spices, have the right attended by persons with professional psychological interview or testing at universities in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Education. "Not long ago, the Minister of Education Alexander Radkov suggested that when applying for a certain specialty, type of legal, international relations, journalism, better that an applicant has received recommendation of local authorities. And here came the term "professional interview or psychological testing," though not in the executive committee, and the university. What it means, explains Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Education Vladimir Zdanowicz:
"Indeed, it is a couple of timesWashed term — "professional psychological interview." We were opposed to issue any pardons local authorities, as they are hard to find future requests Prof. young man. But scientific tests, particularly science-based — they may find that after all this man, whom we will learn eventually. This approach, by the way, allows a person to make an appeal if he will not agree. "
By the way, the mental test already applied for admission to the military profession, educational institutions and the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Emergency Situations. On Zdanovich sovereign outlook, it is worth testing and pedagogical specialties. However, as will be directly vocational psychological testing, nor the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education nor the parliamentarians do not yet know.

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