We have a lot of stereotypes of their need to go

Spades: "Very, very negatively. Our country is, I think, not benefit from it at all, so to say, the world. We have a lot of stereotypes, because of their need to leave."
Youth: "This does not indicate that we are from behind. You can not just take something and ready to move. We — original people, and it is also necessary to consider in addressing this issue. Necessary to treat people humanely. And consider this issue more deeply, as did the Western European countries. I believe that we need to abandon it. "
Old lady: "The fact that we are united in this, you know, I’m not worried. I like a lady, always wanted to be different from others. Maybe Belarusians in this sense and are willing to be different."
Correspondent"How is that we have the death penalty, is related to Christianity? We are a Christian country."
Spades: "Yes. Again I could not say. From time to time there are such terrible situations, we’re sensible people and we ask:" Give perdition give. "It’s not part of my jurisdiction, on this issue I did not think."
Sire. "Positively. In Russia currently considering this question, everywhere. Since parasites feed — no way. Yesterday my wife was attacked, and that? Yesterday attacked, pulled her purse. Generally, evil must be punished."

"You have to go out of this. I think that if he did something bad and deserve death, you still need to give indefinite. Than we will better it when he killed and we kill?".
Mrs."The fact that other countries have not kept this penalty, I believe extra softness. It is inherent not only for the death penalty, and other laws. And this resulted in excessive softness, for example, to the latest unrest in France when burned cars . "

And when it will jump off a bridge — and we run them? And if from Europe even what disease come from?

Gift"And when it will jump off a bridge — and we run them? And if from Europe even what disease come from? And that, in history is not enough when all went to the brain? Sides need to look into, and their brains need have. I am for the death penalty to remain. "
Man: "I’m not worried at all. Orgy in the country and not so little. Believe that it is a trifle."
Spades: "I do not care. Let us take an example. Since people who have made serious crime, must bear a heavy punishment."
Reporter: "As the death penalty relates to Christianity?"
Mrs."I am a Christian. I think God sees all those atrocities, and it will be on our side. Notwithstanding the fact that all the priests they say that this should not be."
Two young gentlemen: "Basically people" give a damn ". President on this does not looks, so speak out. Basically, it can be noted that it is not used? Naturally, we are knocked out of it. I wish that we were as a European country, because we are in the center of Europe. But if the president does not want it, we can not do anything. "

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