We then hand crush not only Belarusians

"Painting," of course, was unique when October 30 near the East cemetery took me and son Igor, the wife then she jumped into the bus. We were then taken to the police station, where we spent half a day. I remember understand that? What we then hand crush not only Belarusians, those policemen who were specifically. And there were also the military from all former Russian Union. I remember at the moment these people, for sure, Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs either. Maybe there were Chechens. And where are they now? As they currently look back on this as assess their role?

20 years have passed, then felt the revival of civilization. And now we wish to learn the hymns of Ira Dorofeyeva on signboards "We Belarusians" and not actually own. Naturally, there is merit, there is youth, there are significant figures. But getting hurt on makingsmiling at the moment. If legally entered bilingualism, it has become an actual genocide civilization. If in Minsk was neither a Belarusian school, then this should peel the bell. We have adopted our national symbols "Chase" and white-red-white flag, and later because we have fallen back. Almost returned byazbozhnitskuyu symbolism. Tu, beseserovsky imposed by the Kremlin. There is something to think about and what not to forget. That day, 30 October, to be weighed and design current funny day . "

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