We were prepared for us to become bait for the KGB

Hero of anti-Soviet resistance, the prisoner of the Gulag reveals secrets of its own relations with U.S. intelligence, which parachuted Timokha Ostrikova in Byelorussia in 1952.
Timothy Vostrikovs — one of the few who deliberately went to Belarus to fight the Russian authorities and prepare the liberation of Belarus from Moscow authorities.
Ostrikov"The history of my existence after 1952 best of all realized who was in the clutches of the KGB. From 26 to 27 September 1952 have thrown us into Nalibokskaya Forest Village Kletische."
Soon planting a group of 4 people detained saboteurs Russian special services. Release came only in 1975.
From 1963 to 1973 near Vostrikov in one of the camps of Mordovia serving a sentence for anti-Soviet activities Sergei Hanzhenkov. Together with like-minded student Hanzhenkov wish to undermine fittings glushennya Western radio stations, stood in the center of Minsk. Who says Sergey Hanzhenkov Timokha Ostrikova about whom he knew:
"Conviction, commitment is the most important thing. And Belarusian focus is his base. She moved it and jump on here, and then to sustain ’23 camp. He withstood them brilliantly."
Shortly before his death Timokha Ostrikova state television released documentary film entitled "Resident 2-intelligence" in "Crimes of the Century". There raspavyadalisya nyuasnsy many cases in including comments were given on the basis of the KGB archives, great emphasis was placed on the fact that Timothy Vostrikovs trying to get monetary compensation from the United States. Action Hero himself was already lying in the physical state of languid, almost could not read. Assessment of the film gives Sergei Hanzhenkov:
Hanzhenkov"The purpose of what? First, discredit any idea about the movement, about the resistance. As if everything revolves around any means. And all the" insane "people — our enemies."
Only in 1998 Timothy Vostrikovs the first time gave an interview to the press: for the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Anti-Soviet resistance hero talked about the details of the detention, after release.
In an interview with Timothy Vostrikovs argued that detailed manner wrote his memoirs relating to relations with the U.S. intelligence and seedlings in Belarus. Until recently it was believed that "the time is not yet ripe to publish the details of the case." And on the days of the movie came out, where Timothy Vostrikovs reads recorded memories of certificate:
Ostrikov"The most important thing — is the goal of U.S. intelligence, what we threw in Naliboki Forest. Now I can tell with the confidence that we have prepared for us to become bait for the KGB. To do such makarom security stash important face that flew in the same plane together with us. "
Video-recorded statement offspring Timokha Ostrikova Elijah back in 1995. Coupled with photos zmantazhavanaya tape at the moment, in February 2008. By public activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk based on video memoirs will be created documentary film about Timokha Ostrikova. Tags: Ostrikov video memoir, documentary, tape

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