Wedding or rescues from a divorce?

Yura just take my church marriage. He is 35 years old, and such a decision was not spontaneous. As a real believer, he believes that variant marriage only applicable — if there was a wedding, and it was not a marriage, says Yuri. Wedding can strengthen the case, to entrust the spouse and spouse additional moral responsibility for marriage:
"What is the church marriage? This promise before God, if the spouses live together promise a lifetime. And it’s not that some piece of paper signed — there are witnesses of this promise, we ourselves have heard from each other that promise. And it is very good reason to take it seriously. "
In the tradition of the Catholic Church Wedding is considered necessary, and without marriage is not recognized, explains the editor of the online portal "Church" Natalia Bazylevich. But marriage is not just in the church:
"To get married in the Catholic Church, you must fulfill several requirements, it is necessary to pass catechetical conversation, you need some way to get into this context. Orthodox church of this at the moment, unfortunately, does not, and we can follow in the days of the swing in the diocese is the number of people who believe that they have created the mistake of taking the church marriage. And they really are confused, do not know what to do now. "
Wishing to marry the least

Statistics church marriages in Belarus is not conducted. In general, according to the observations of Mrs. Bazylevich in the last year wanting to get married was less. But the number of guests in the diocese Adjustable days are even visually increased.
Orthodoxy recognizes marriage registered in the registry office. Based on the beliefs of the Orthodox Church, such pairs do not sin before God, because the wedding is not something necessary. But, says Natalia Bazylevich, some brides and wives just do not believe in their own emotions. Beautiful wedding ritual must make this uncertainty.
Says psychologist Jeanne Mackiewicz:
"Hastily wedding, I think, does not help, but just gives you the opportunity to continue when starting conflicts and quarrels, to laugh over this ritual and read:" You got married! "- Or:" You’re married! "And in fact there is no starting point — the desire people to be together. "
Mrs. Mackiewicz pavyanchalasya with her husband in the church 39 years after, How to register a marriage with him in a registry office. She believes that the wedding gives the husband and wife psychic installation that they are now a whole and able to accept each other.
"Wedding — it’s not a magic effect"

Orthodox priest, Father Alexander Shramko reads: Wedding — it’s not a magic act which may have a positive influence on the affairs of men and ladies and somehow strengthen them. If a person does not have a sincere belief in God, the church will not help him save the marriage. Most people come to church or church to get married for the festive surroundings:
"Maybe, who considers himself a man of the church, because the walks to the temple. Identify themselves as Orthodox or Catholic, somehow identifies himself with one or another religion. But it remains basically a secular man, he’s all own life makes on his own thought. Why did he come to church? What can he take? Well, he thinks: Well, you get some sort of power above can be strengthened more than marriage. But this is unnatural, and therefore appear constantly such questions. "
Priest recommends waiting specifically with church marriage for couples who wish to make a family. When couples will feel themselves real Christians and will be ready for such a marriage, then why will get married.
Ecclesiastical divorce NO

As for the termination of a marriage, then there are difficulties. Oh, so this is, for example, in Orthodoxy. Father Alexander:
"In the church for a divorce when he was the sin of fornication or threw another one spouse, for example, went somewhere. Church divorce is not done, and done a simple solution to the second wedding. Povinet If a person if he has sinned, and he fault skasavavsya marriage or he filed for divorce, then such people absolutely not allowed to marry. But actually we have no documents, nothing. Nobody knows what it was. In most cases, the man himself comes to the diocese and to paint all the incident why it happened. Give him some spiritual mission, he reads some prayers spavyadaetstsa. And later, with almost absolute guarantee him such permission is given. "
Olga had the experience of a marriage. Baptized in the church itself, it pavyanchalasya in the Orthodox Church, because such a marriage was important for the spouse. But after the wedding the couple divorce did not keep. Before the state they are not spouses. A cancellation of a marriage does not wish to engage in Olga, because they do not consider it something meaningful:
"The most severe situation, I believe — is when people stay together for a long time, if they are with all this in general have nothing that connects them — no kids, no toiletries, no stamp in your passport or a church wedding. Here if this case, people are together, it is true. This specifically means that people have feelings and personal responsibility, and conscience. "

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