Welfare Rating: Belarus 78th

International studies show that in the overall ranking of Belarus lost characteristics 6 positions and appeared in the list of countries with low per capita income — 10 900 dollars a year. Belarusian Official statistics also indicate that for 9 months of the year, food prices rose 19.6%, non-food products — by 6.7%, paid services increased by 19.3%. Deputy Manager of the Department of pricing Lydia Kupreyeva to comment on the situation refused. Was terse and managing the press service Natalia Patseyko:
"At the moment all refuse, because a 2-words can not say about it. A as for numbers, statistics, I am about this at the moment I can not read. "
International researchers Legatum Institute analyzed welfare states not only on economic performance, but also according to the gratification of life of their people. Thus, the level of economy of Belarus has permitted to take 70th place, and in the gratification of people’s lives — only eighty-first oh so insinuated present life listeners our radio call to freedom:
"Incessantly promoted the growth of social welfare, sturdy rising food prices, products of mass consumption, rents, education, medicine. Chief for whom we vote, you need to realize that ordinary people live very, very difficult."
Are independent Belarusian economists argue that rising living standards in the country in the near future will not happen. And the increase in prices will affect the international monetary crisis, rising prices for Russian gas Belarus. Comments on the current situation politician and economist Yaroslav Romanchuk:

Yaroslav Romanchuk"If we associate with the CIS countries, we will look more or less decently. According PPP opportunities have 10 thousands of dollars for each person. And this, of course, higher than Africa, many countries in Asia and Latin America. But in comparison with the growth rates of welfare, we consider, for example, in Poland, the Czech Republic or the Baltic countries, there official salary is 2.5 times higher than ours. And if you calculate such index’s welfare, then to get the same products and services in life, Belarusians need to work for 5-10 years more than a citizen of a country that has chosen democracy and the market. "
According to the International Organization Legatum Institute, the first 10 places in the ranking welfare occupy Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Syngapur, USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark and newcomer Zealand. In the midst of the former Soviet Union is the highest place holds Estonia — 36th. Lowest Uzbekistan — 80th and Moldova — 83rd place. In the midst of the worst rated prosperity are NEP, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Central African Republic, Mali, Zambia, Coconut Palm — 104 is the last line.

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