Well, you should know rotten bourgeois — not against us resist

Newspaper "Creativity prisoner" on this week 1928 published essay "October wake up": "It is understood ancient bullpen that ended her dream forever … Gloomy walls started smiling bellyu own, seeing through their gates exported: gaping brand new furniture, wrought iron, brochures, that smell of fresh paint — creating the hands of those who learn to live in a cold winter night, winking surrounding towns electricity native window , says to them: "Look, there’s no mysteries — here, too, peel key life!"
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1938 prints ditties about reddish army. Here is what was written in the Bobruisk District:

"Our powerful Voroshilov
Go first to wage war
Someone who dares us
During operation alarming.
I’ll go into the garden green,
I will listen to the nightingale,
Soon the Army reddish
Dobravoltsam I go.
The enemy is here and makes plans
Wants us to wage war,
Well, you should know rotten bourgeois —
Against us can not stand. "
"Fatherland" in 1958, talks about the impact of Russian culture: "This has led, as in the example of Russian Belarus, to the destruction of human mataryyalnyh and state values, to the substitution of them Russian, and that the most tragic — displacement of the native language of the people not only with cultural public institutions and life, from schools and clubs, and daily use. How mockingly laughs though, would this example: the country’s only Belarusian Municipal Institute and in it the official language of instruction is Russian … "

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