What if made unreasonably restricted to leave?

At the border crossing in Grodno Valery Shchukin learned that hit the travel ban list of people. Cause the former deputy guards not been explained:
"We started to understand and have found that I have in these" dark lists. "Then I called the phone through a special duty, and they confirmed. Said: I am sorry, we have for you to have no complaints, but the Interior Ministry has brought you to these lists."
Valery Shchukin insists it before the law "untainted". Past MP recalls that more year reversed was punished for the incident during the election campaign, but a fine of 1.5 million rubles has long been paid. "Last year in November, my passport stamped on the right to travel abroad for 2 years, I paid money for it, and now all canceled "- outraged last deputy. In Germany, where Valery Shchukin invited local" greenish ", he still hit, but after Russia, which has required additional costs. Returning to Belarus, the last deputy wrote complaint to the General Prosecutor’s Office on police officers, which he believes is not removed it from the register.
"It’s putrid accounting system. As you I did, you immediately put on record in the computer, and then deleted from the computer forgets. "
Month reversed in a similar situation, a young activist Haretski: border guards took him off the train, which followed in Ukraine. Activist later learned that the data on him confused prosecutors.
Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov days are admitted to reporters: errors in the lists of banned entry of people really happen, but such errors Tipo units:
"I do not rule. Already two facts were such that we started checking, brought people into lists, later graduated to inspect and cards on their left. Perhaps in a few months this could be."
Minister Vladimir Naumov recommend to people who "feel that their task may appear on the border" for themselves before going to the police.
Corresponds to the order of democratic norms, whereby Travel ban lists — classified information?
Recognized human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla believes that if such lists contain the web, anyone can use them to kamprametatsyi. But Harry Pahanyajla convinced that should not be left without consequences facts when the lists get innocent. Human rights activist offers not just complain and seek an explanation why man was included in the list of restricted to travel abroad, and later apply to the Tribunal:
"I must say, who initiated the inclusion of a person in such a list, and from what circumstances. That tribunal decided, or it was the initiative of the police or prosecutors, because instituted against a person criminal case, or tribunal to take him money to cover the loan. If these reasons are not valid, you can apply to the court, the law allows. Their rights must be protected by legal means. "
By Harry Pahanyajla, currently operates as a favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, who was also on the list of restricted to travel abroad.
Meanwhile Belarusian border guards continue to put in the passports of people who made the list of banned entry stamp with 2 errors: "In the exit denied"- Instead of"In the exit denied. "
"Error will be corrected" — told reporters on duty Border Committee.

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