What in most cases be ill Belarusians?

In the first place in Belarus — Diseases of the cardiovascular system. In this alarming trend: doctors say their noticeable growth. Head of the organization in charge of medical care MOH Igor Brovko:
"Diseases of the circulatory system: 2005 — 2414 cases of new diseases per 100 thousand population in 2006 — 2419 cases."
More than half of all deaths (55.5%) justified cardiovascular disease, although mortality from myocardial infarction annually reduced by almost 10%. Most of the patients after myocardial infarction vorachivaetsya to work — 88%. But a heart attack, so to speak, younger: reported cases of heart attack, even in 18-year-olds.
In 2007 the number of cases on cardiac disease, increased again, says Igor Brovko:
"2617 cases per 100 thousand population. This is a global trend."
Incidentally, in the world, cardiovascular disease and stroke are the cause of death of 17 million people every year. By 2020, heart disease will be the main premise of death and disability in the world.
In second place in Belarus — cancer, says head of the Health Ministry Igor Brovko:
"At 100 thousand population in 2005 wasof 367.2 person in 2006 — 374.4, cases of malignant neoplasms. "
In other words, once a year, more than 30 people tyscham Belarus diagnose — oncological diseases. Altogether, excluding oncology worth more than 150 thousand people.
Mamolyag professor, head of the Cancer Research Institute, commented Leonid Putyrsky so these numbers:
"I I can tell, growth that occurs during oncological diseases globally, and in some countries even more, than in Belarus. In Belarus, the first place in women — breast cancer (we have registered over 28 thousand women), in men — lung cancer. "
Reporter: "And this growth is associated with Chernobyl?"
"As for the impact of Chernobyl, justified only thyroid cancer. Rest is not confirmed, although one learns that it is not without it."
Once a year in the world of malignant tumors kill about 7 million people.
3 rd place — injury and poisoning, says Igor Brovko:
"2005 — 7858 cases and 7937 — in 2006. All per 100 thousand population. "
So makarom, in the first place Belarusians cardiology disease, the second — ankalegiya, on the 3rd — injury and poisoning.

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