What loss of sanctions against the Belneftekhim?

Weekly "Belarusians and Market"Analyzes the implications of expanding U.S. sanctions against" Belneftekhim "concern on the Belarusian economy. Experts agree in worldview that urgent transition in calculations with dollars to the euro will help to reduce the loss of refineries. And what happens now" Belaruskali ", which also comes in concern" Belneftehim "? Experts said: payments for potash conducted in dollars, a lot of the potassium salt of Belarus exports to North and South America, particularly in Brazil. What will happen after the expansion of U.S. sanctions? Forecast newspaper journalist Tatiana Manyanok.
"Ability to reduce the loss to a minimum too. It should be understood that the potash market is a lack. In this situation, "Belaruskali" will find where to implement the fertilizer that will not appear in the American markets. Especially since potash prices are constantly increasing. Huge problems can occur only if the EU join in sanctions, but experts predict that this will not happen, because Europe is not interested in this. "
The freshest room online newspaper "Solidarity " Alexander is editor Starikevich.
"Soon our website will be an article devoted Ivonka Survila book" The Road ", her memories, which not so long ago have seen the light. This will just recently presentation books, scheduled for March 17. "
Article prepared Zagorskaya Marina. In 1990, the journalist had come to study in Canada, where he first saw Ivonka Survila, the future chairman of the BNR.
"There was an impression that it is very ordinary lady. She looked sincere real Belarusian, meanwhile How old was not in Belarus, at that time really is also not come to Belarus after the expulsion. A familiar people I uttered that it is only a memory. That she graduated from the Sorbonne, she has an outstanding public figure. So I met with Ivonka Survila. "
"Belgazeta" vorachivaetsya to the history of the struggle of slum metropolitan street Karl Marx against the eviction, which planned to Minsk city executive committee in connection with the reconstruction of the street. As you know, the city government abandoned plans resettlement of people. The newspaper concluded that the situation intervened Head of State and react to it differently. Victor knows Martinovic.
"Since the president is the person who can only assist in the fight against bureaucracy, we have prepared such a comic paper, which is called "Recommendation to all issues."
Came 8th issue of the weekly "New time. " Journalist Alexander Tomkovich situated there own sketch of the former president Academy Alexander Voytovych. Deserve attention and analysis of professional Sergei King modern economic strategy Belarus.

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