What village teacher fired?

Who got fired teacher in a local clinic. Diagnosis — hypertensive crisis. In an interview with "Freedom" Claudia Voronets said:
"I, as the liquidator of the Chernobyl tragedy, have a lot of problems with health. Know this in school. I — a teacher of the highest category, school work more than 30 years. Never in my life did not miss the 1st lesson. Not even those with their own free time in the summer, while on vacation — went, visited their children, did everything probable, that they were just fine. "
According to Claudia Voronets month reversed because of health problems she asked to go to vacation
"In February, I went to the headteacher Anna Stankiewicz and asked permission to stay. I had the opportunity to rest abroad. Four weeks later, when he returned home, I uttered that I was fired for absenteeism. For me it was a shock."
His sudden dismissal of Ms. Voronets connects with active public position and her husband. Adam Voronets explains:
"The main reason for the dismissal of my wife — that is what I have been doing public activity. Authorities do not like it. Pressure on my family takes, they found an excuse. Willing to knock family balance. Soon parliamentary elections, and United Democratic force pushed me to run for district a candidate in House of Representatives "- Said rural teacher and public activist Sovereign Voronets.
Now Chief of Staff Viktor Dobrush District Department of Education tried to return Vaytsyanok teacher Claudia Voronets labor book. Motives he comment "Freedom" refused:
"I — performer. Entrusted to me, what I’m doing. Realize?".
The offer and refused to talk to the director of the school Vutsevskay Anna Stankiewicz:
"I can not for you to give any interviews …"
Human rights activist Leonid Sudalenka says:
"Headmaster really did not take the decision on dismissal of teacher Claudia Voronets. Decision resulted in the departments of ideology. I was preparing a lawsuit to the court. Believe that within 10 days will be the agenda of officials to the tribunal for a specific examination of the case."
Pictured: Claudia and Adam Vorontsov.


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