What will happen to the station?

"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" three stripes Friday "crumpet" is intended the incident with a "live shield cars" on the highway Minsk — Mikashevichy. Newspaper managed rasshukats passengers of the car that tried to delay the traffic police. Young people are Roman and Olga married tomorrow. Drove from Gomel to yourself the marriage witness.
They recognize that they were drunk. Roman, who was driving, 21 years old. Rights he had. None at the moment, not ever. He just never tried to get them, even though the car drives for 7 years. Young people were convinced that the traffic police will be able to get away from it, and therefore did not stop. But when approached to Minsk, realized afterdstviya will be severe.
Tabloid Molodechno "Regional newspapers" article "What will happen to the station?" Tells journalist Sergei Zenko:
To the Editor called Maladziechna inhabitant, who asked, we look for the reconstruction of the station. Say, at the moment there are changing windows and destroy clutch relief. But it is a historical monument. We asked for clarification to the chairman of the Commission for Historic Monuments Molodechno executive committee. He said that the violations that what’s happening, no. After all, the station is "a monument of local importance" — not even regional. Simply, he was taken under the protection of the decision of the regional executive committee "…
In the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" (Http :/ / www.nv-online.info/) — about the criteria in Belarusian jail. Responding to a question from the 1st of journalists on the sanitary condition of the premises where serving a sentence of administrative detainees, Interior Minister Naumov said: "I do not think it must bring these places to such status, so there like someone. "
As criteria are violated in prison human rights, whether it is possible somehow to change and how — finds the answers newspaper.
March 15 the country celebrates the day the Constitution. Can I call this day a solemn thing worth noting in the Belarusians today? On these questions "Narodnaya Volya" asked Dr. Misha Pastukhova reply. In his eyes, eyes ex-judge of the Constitutional Court, now "the Constitution with important legal instrument turned into a little book, which is studied except that students and law students" …

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