What will happen to the UDF after leaving the war?

Sejm "Young Front", which was held March 16, also announced the creation of the center-right bloc necessary democratic organizations, the purpose of which is the union of right-wing and centrist forces. Can this step lead to the Young Front collapse SLM? As parliamentary elections recently really make a separate center-right coalition?

For this demarche youth felt sentiments and sufficiently resolute opposition older favorites

On these questions responsible political commentator Alexander Klaskouski

"How severe sign for SLM can serve this step" Young Front. "I would not rule that young politicians consulted with other senior staff .."
Klaskouski: "Indeed, it is a symptom that the UDF management should not be ignored. Indeed, for this demarche youth felt sentiments, and sufficiently resolute opposition of older favorites. Namely, I think it is no coincidence Anastasia Palazhanka in his own commentary remembered Milinkevich — but you can name and other the names of politicians who are not very satisfied with the course of affairs in the UDF.
And there are two pitfalls. With one side, litsezreem we continue the struggle for reformatting opposition political field. And it is a little insulting, because the process seems endless.
On the other hand, this mikrakryzys — because the criticism is completely determined by — could push the UDF to a more active way of working. "
Tsigankov: "But sound and personal criticism in the address Sergei Kalyakin — say, he now manages all of the UDF. As you seem reasonable for these accusations?"

"The theme in general, not new. If you look at online forums, there has long been debate raging under the symbol name -" Should the public forces to make political alliances with the "descendants of a totalitarian ideology." But what is acceptable on the Internet forums, they can not allow themselves to real politics. Because real politics — the art of the probable, and we must realize that in the black-and-white Belarusian political criteria must be unified opposition fist. "
Tsigankov: "Young Front called for the creation of a center-right coalition — the other day parliamentary vybarav.Nakolki this idea is appropriate and whether it can be implemented?"
Klaskouski: "I think it is crucial for the identity inside the opposition camp. But if you look the eyes of the electorate (and the elections need to look the same eyes of voters) it just takes — for or against Lukashenko. Necessary to think about the political technology of the real victory, not virtual fight. "

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