Where and when Yushchenko and Lukashenko met?

International observer Roman Jacob says that the Belarusian-Ukrainian agreement of President Lukashenko and Kuchma signed by more than 10 years ago:
"After the Ukrainian parliament ratified swiftly enough this document. But the Belarusian deputies to This time pull ratification. This is due to the fact Belarus believes — Ukraine should pay her municipal debt since the time of Russian Union. According to various estimates, question about 100-120 million dollars. But the Ukrainian side does not consider these funds municipal debt, citing the fact that it is associated with calculations of economic subjects. "
Salting Likhovyi now also mentioned that the meeting of the Presidents 2-states was scheduled for April last year. But it was postponed due to the unstable parliamentary situation in Ukraine.
By this occasion Jacob says that parliamentary crisis was not the only prerequisite that Alexander Lukashenko did not go to Ukraine:
"Of course that the Ukrainian side proposed to hold a meeting of the presidents in Chernigov. But it is clear from informal sources, that the Belarusian side insisted that it was a working visit Lukashenko and exclusively in Kiev. "
Roman Jacob says that on May 23 in Ivano-Frankivsk scheduled energasamit Governing number of Central Europe and the CIS:
"But the current expression of the Ambassador of Ukraine pose a probable role of oscillation in this forum Alexander Lukashenko."

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