Where buried Ira Kazulina?

After the arrival of the colony in the morning, discussions with relatives and journalists, Alexander Kozulin, by him, only an hour nap. Waking up, went to a meeting with Dzerzhinsk wife Danuta Sobolevskaya mother, later returned to Minsk and visited their parents — mother and father Eugene K. Vladislav Alexandrovich.
Always later — meetings and negotiations related to the organization of public memorial services and funerals. According to my observations, in discussions with people Alexander Kozulin vorachivalsya again and again to the memoirs of his wife.
"Her love, life and death — an example for the whole society. It makes it cleaner and indicates it must beat. And believe until the last breath that is the sun. As she wrote to me, "full of grace and the sun still rise up for us."
"At 95% it is clear that in the precincts of the town will not allow"
For a long time it was a question on what would be buried cemeteries Ira Kozulin. Her relatives appealed to the administration of the East and Calvary Cemetery, but there categorically refused to give a burial place for spouses Kozulin. Bureaucrats of the highest rank, whom he asked to contribute, too, were powerless. "At the moment we can not even get through to them," — said Alexander Kozulin noon.
Closer to the evening his brother Vladimir Kozulin said: "Absolutely not resolved, but at 95% it is clear that in the precincts of the town will not give. Precisely as possible Tarasava cemetery near Minsk."
According to Mr Kozulin, quite decided where to pass Trizna Ira Kazulina — Restaurant "Golden Age." There agreed to this without problems, but when relatives Kazulina zvyarnylisya the restaurant "Zhuravinka" that were refused.
"They did not anticipate that there will be such a surge of solidarity with the people’s Ira"
Funeral services for Ira Kazulina to start now, on February 26 to 20 hours a reddish church in Minsk and will last until the afternoon on February 27. Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus Kondrusiewicz now it’s confirmed. He welcomed the fact that "responsible persons in power" have allowed Alexander Kozulin be at his wife’s funeral.
"The main thing is that I can fulfill the last wish of my beloved Ira — spending her last journey" — quote-independent media quoted Alexander Kozulin. For RL Alexander Kozulin as explained to you, authorities nevertheless agreed to give him leave:
"They did not anticipate that there will be such a splash of folk solidarity with Ira. Unexpected that ordinary lady, Belarusian, succeeds in arousing such feelings in people. This bright emotions need to give vent. Necessary, as read our Belarusian classic, "to be called people." But not just called, and become. According to another will be too late our country ". Tags: Kozulin, funeral, Kozulin, a memorial service

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