Where to go dismissed traders?

Newspaper "Brest Courier" writes about the problems of people who lost their jobs after the introduction of 760-th decree. Let me remind you, this decree personal businessmen allowed to hire only relatives. Judging from the article, for some people the situation became catastrophic. Knows editor Nikolai Alexandrov:
"Lud already screaming and moaning. We are calls.’s Now called my friend, who also worked in the personnel of a businessman, and she was fired. And she has three kids who need to grow. Lady asks to take it even cleaner, there is nothing to feed the kids. And she has a college education! "
Weekly "Free Deep" the whole page is intended writer and well-known figures of postwar emigration Kastus Shark, who recently died in Canada. Editor Vladimir Skrabatun remembered Constantine Shark first 1990s came home to the village Krulevschina:
"I remember him, met twice with him in the deepest. And in Minsk at the airport in 1991, met him, was at the opening of the monument to his mother and father. Symbolic monument, because his father died in the camp in 1951, the year, my mother still 1939, died in Vilnius, buried in the cemetery Dew, but the grave was not found. I found about it from various sources, added slightly own, found the photo, as he came here. people to know about Shark Kastus because they should be proud of and here he is in the midst of the authorities to This time not held in high esteem. "
Fifth number in a row "Regional newspaper"That goes in Maladzechna prints article Minsk teacher Lena I.Solomevich" Known and unknown Garotski. " This study of the history of his native village in Volozhin district. Slish journalist Marina knows how family Solomevich found a place in the manor stood Garotskah:
"At one point in the web have seen photos of the manor in Garotskah with captions in Polish. And the date — 1939. Ask: where stood the house? Intently spotted a picture. It house with columns, all in green, and Near extraordinary tree. Then she realized that it larch, which beheld the child in the collective garden. From the archives and found out the name of the last owner of the estate — Nicholas Seldman. "

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