Which criteria contain Sergei Parsyukevich?

March 14 Metropolitan Tribunal saw Vera Stramkouskaya complaint regarding the configuration of a preventive measure for businessman Sergei Parsyukevich, who was arrested on March 4. Unukevich referee decided not to change the measure of restraint and kept him in custody. That the lawyer thinks about it Stramkouskaya?
"Unfortunately, while my arguments and my client do not act on the tribunal. We will continue to fight, so as to the fate of Sergei Parsyukevich adopted the only legitimate solution — release. He continues to insist that he was innocent. "
Recall that in January Sergei Parsyukevich left for Minsk bullpen in Akrestsin administrative arrest for his role in the rally business. After his release, said that in his bullpen mercilessly beaten. "I could kill if I had not called help", — said Sergei Parsyukevich. March 4 activist summoned for questioning and arrested on suspicion of assault on a police warrant officer Alexander Dulub. "It can be fabricated to justify lawlessness on the part of the police," — says Sergei Parsyukevich before his arrest. Yesterday, March 13, a businessman charged. He faces up to 6 years imprisonment.
As feels Sergei Parsyukevich in Minsk remand?
Wife of businessman Natalia told that yesterday her spouse called doctors because he fell ill with a heart. "Of course, the disease is caused by the fact that Sergei very painfully initiation of proceedings. In particular, the way he had been treated by his former colleagues, the police ", — says Natalia. Recall, before becoming personal businessman Sergei Parsyukevich was a police officer, retired from service with the rank of Major.
In the chamber, where Sergei Parsyukevich, in his letters home, another 12 people. Conditions are bad, says the wife of a businessman.
"He has a bed for two. Initially NIGHT MODE he slumbers, and in the morning — the second man. Excellent not rested. Pinned their hopes that it still be released from the detention center, and the lawyer wrote a complaint, but I see that is not going to."
Vera Stramkouskaya said Sergei Parsyukevich already started to get acquainted with his work. The lawyer believes that the case will soon be forwarded to the Tribunal.

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