Which is flourishing, when the wind plays in the pocket?

Man: "Do economic growth I totally do not believe, for the simple reason that all reflected in my purse: for the income that I have received almost halfyear reversed, I could buy more gifts for my family, than presently. So what is flourishing, when the wind plays in the pocket? It’s not flourishing. "
Young lady: "In principle, a good wage here."
Reporter: "You state that earnings are satisfied, but your earnings in This year not increased? "
Young lady: "No".
Reporter: "How much do you get?"
Young lady: "500 thousand."
Her husband: "I, too, wages 500 thousand."
Young lady: "As kids are not, then fine, but so were, would not be enough."
Man: "I can not answer this question, as not yet passed even 1st quarter. To get a feel for yourself on economic growth, it is necessary to trace at least six months, is personally my world . "
Reporter: "How do you really feel: Your earnings grow or not? "
Man: "I have more or less the situation is not bad."
Youth"I do not feel on your own wallet economic growth. Grow Prices and wages on my place is."
Man: "Today’s paid utilities. Every month they grow up, there is a "creeping" growth. In economic growth, I do not believe. I believe that this is another myth that is promoted in the newspapers. Impoverishment sharp, in general, no. But growth is not felt completely trivial, that the rise in prices — it is. "
Old man: "I’m in the equivalent Baksova became even greater wages, though I changed jobs and wages is the best out there. But, for sure, and the economy has become the best, and therefore also more wage."
Man: "We received not so long ago, utility bills, you need to go to the post office to pay the rent. Prices have gone up, and wages are the same count. Increase in salaries is about seven percent. Of course, who gets two million because excellent, and who receives hundreds of thousands, because the increase will be halfpenny. "

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