Who will save the estate A.Romera?

Ministry of Culture Postavski executive committee demanded urgent emergency measures to preserve the rural historic buildings Karalinova behalf of the Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish artist, art historian and public figure Isidore Alfred Romer.
In a letter signed by Deputy Minister Viktor Cyrus was informed Council chairman public remembrance A.Romera artist Ales Tsyrkunou. In Last year Sovereign Tsirkunov appealed to the Ministry of Culture and Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, vykazashy concern danger destruction manor Romer which is on balance Postavski executive committee. In response, the Ministry of Culture ordered the local authorities open a checking account to raise funds for the restoration of the manor and respect the memory.
According to local lore Postavski Misha Bullfinch, after, in 2003 of one-story wood structure with mezzanine unique plyanirovki evicted junior school, having uniformly destroyed. Missing fence manor, carried out stables, built in the XIX century. Now, by order of the Ministry of Culture, it will patronize Kamayskaya school, and students volunteer Beldyarzhuniversytetu invited to organize a summer camp in Karalinove and carry out repair work in order to preserve the structure of the former estate.
Name Alfred Romer, artist, party uprising of 1863-1864, researchers Belarusian art and life, well known for Postavschine: it are two streets — in the villages and Camay Karalinova also Postav children’s art school. Far from it in next year, the 600th anniversary of the district center, planned to put a monument A.Romeru. Tags: ministry, Romer, Tsirkunov, karalinova culture

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