Why Belarus build expensive, long and poorly?

On the days are able to visit the construction site personal home. Captivating sytutsyya. People got around Grodno put under house construction, but work can not start, even with the funds. And if in three years does not build a house, with all this with attached communications, government plot seeds. What is the reason?
Man: "First we have to queue to purchase units, and two years — to get the plate to overlap. Cement not buy: № 500 do not, and number 400 on the foundation — thrown money. "
Construction materials at the plant in Grodno, where they create boards and blocks, chief engineer, Galina Belyaeva explained that almost all their products are directed at the appointed time, which defines the government.
Belyaeva: "The Council of Ministers on the distribution list to substantiate us rassredotachivanie our units, and for implementation This year given less than in the past. We strive to increment the volume, but our power will not allow it. "
Ask my own former companion, as generally people build houses in such a situation, there are not enough materials?
Man: "That’s it, and build. Have to carry a bribe, then something will move from the place. Remained the same Russian system: just go and buy unreal. "
Talking to Prof. builders and I ask them if they had heard about yesterday’s criticism of the president, and they themselves are looking at this dilemma? That’s what I says director Ivan private construction firm Sawicki:
Sawicki"We are working on dyarzhrastsenak that descends from above Ministry. That read, if parquet lacquer cover 100 squares sex twice worth 50 thousand rubles, and schlock person paid 2 bucks for 1 sq.m. "
Sovereign Sawicki says that for this reason all the best experts at long left Belarus and working abroad.
Chief engineer another private building office, Vladimir Makarov, with over 20-year veteran builder says about egalitarianism in wages, inherited a legacy of socialism. But the main reason why the construction branch in decline, treats differently.
Makarov: "Builders do not give true freedom to manage this process. All climb in construction, just outside knowing what and how. In including and our President pochetaemy. I’ll never forget how he tried to criticize windows inserted in the construction of the State Library. It hurt then, and now, too, "

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