Why days are March 25 managed to become part of the myth?

Belarus meets prazdnichek freedom. On March 25 the country will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BNR — reminds readers Paris mizhevrapeyski Courrier International, which publishes a digest of the brightest newspaper publications in the EU.
"Why days of March 25 managed to become part of the Belarusian State myth? — Asks Polish journalist Malgorzata Nocun (Malgorzata Nocun), the creator of the article in Courrier International. — Government BNR not lasted a year. She fell when Minsk forces entered the Red Army.
Precedent that in today in 1918 for the first time in the history of public education came under the name of Belarus. Later within the USSR was declared Belarusian Russian Socialist Republic. For 17 years, as there is independent Belarus. In This year On March 25 Belarusians take to the streets and usually demonstrate own protest Lukashenko’s regime, "- says the publication in Courrier International.
According to the German publication Tagesspiegel, "to bring out of the isolation of Belarus, Lukashenka should first fulfill the political reform. It is about freedom of speech, free elections, a free economy, in short — about democracy. One well-polished style will get you nowhere"
German journalist skeptical of the intention of the English PR-manager of Lord Bell to do better is not very good reputation of Alexander Lukashenko.
According to Tagesspiegel, "for example Lukashenko could become Ukrainian Prime past Viktor Yanukovych. In time image-makers of the United States for a very kutsee time did this "mattress" tongued experienced politician. But ultimately happened so called unfortunate accident at work. Yanukovych defeated in parliamentary elections, and the South American political consultant lost his job. In This is the meaninge Belarusian ruler nothing to fear from opposition rivals. Her he neutralized by police measures. "
By Tagesspiegel and other European publications, PR professionals in the industry today called Lord Bell difficult puzzle. Although up to This time and he succeeded with the help of different fascinating details in the eyes of the public to minimize not the most pleasant features and customers switch their attention to some other points. So it was, for example, with the famous handbag Margaret Thatcher, who, of course, softened the image of the "Iron Lady." "In the case of Lukashenko, Bella will have to work to find solutions to improve the reputation of the municipal worker. which is blacklist in major violators Human Rights, "- Writes Tagesspiegel.

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