Why the Constitution? Sheet of paper and nothing more?

March 20th Minsk City Executive Committee rebuked hold in the center of march and rally on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the independence of the BNR. Minsk authorities were allowed to hold a rally on the route from the Academy to Bangalore Square. The applicants disagreed with the decision and took responsibility for its consequences. With all this said, the applicants that they themselves and 18 hours on March 25 as citizens come to Belarus Yakub Kolas.
Pavel, Minsk: "Lud Belarus lived for centuries under the aliens humiliated and maimed. Once was because as if it had never existed. Proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918 was a significant historical event, encouraged by all the good smart people to build their own to be independent, sovereign, rich country of the future and the best light in the midst of other equal equal — "to be called people," aptly said our singer Yanka Kupala. And our nigh majestic diviner truth Vasil Bykov called this event one of the most the brightest spark in the darkness of heresy. And yes, he was right. After compelling aliens, enemies all directions did not recognize and do not recognize the will of the people as a perfect fact and ignore it until a day or current. When the current government is not on the calendar reddish working day. Silent on the state television, radio, newspapers. And people who do not know or forgot prazdnichek need read, write, broadcast about it. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Comrade Lukashenko! Again you decided to say his actions the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Prazdnichek This is the highest for the people of Belarus, not counting your sycophants. For these people nothing is sacred not only to eat well. A morality exists for them. An urgent need for you to meet with the opposition to discuss how best to celebrate this date. Then people, Europe and America you right usvoyut. Fold your self-esteem and apustsitsesya to his native land. Apart from this, an urgent need to release anything is not innocent of the Emperor Alexander Kozulin bullpen. "
Nikolai: "I can not understand why our government is not allowed to be independent Belarusian public day 90th anniversary of the independence of Belarus cooperated with flowers, to march to the monuments of famous people of our homeland. Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Maxim Bogdanovich were bolshennymi patriots and fighters that forms the identity of civilization and hastening our independence. So why, then, our present government does not allow a day to honor the memory of Will our classics and freedom fighters? "
Ivan Karpovich, M.: "We spelled out in the Constitution, freedom marches, demonstrations, freedom of speech, press, and more. Why opposition applies to the administrative authorities to hold a rally and demonstration? Why Constitution exists in our country? Only a piece of paper and nothing more ? How can the local authority to decide constitutional questions?’s crazy kind. Explain to me how it can be. Where and how to spend — this natural event. People express their worldview, their wishes and stuff. "
Answers to the question lawyer human rights organization "Belarusian Helsinki Committee" Dmitry Markushevski:
"Indeed, according to the Constitution of Belarus, the freedom of rallies, marches and demonstrations promised. In my opinion, the organizers must provide information about the event. Authorities are called to assist the organizers here, that there was no violation of public policy. Situation where activities are prohibited or when you change the time and route of — this is not the regulation of the activities and the prohibition. "
Continue to call this program from:
Man: "Tell me, please, who is the person that" human shield "caught the police? Surely complicated?"
Let me remind you that on March 2 to detain drunk driver Roman Mentyukov who drove at high speed traffic police organized a human shield of the car. Later, the prosecutor’s office of Minsk region opened a criminal case on Mentyukov for violation of traffic rules and the rules of use of the vehicle. He faces up to 2 years imprisonment. Roman Mentyukov never had a car right. He is 27 years old, tried three times: for robbing a store, stealing a car and hassle. Just behind bars, he spent 10 years own life.
Up on the stage is:
Vladimir Senko, Baranovichi: "The town has a local TV station Baranovichi" Intex "on which can be for funds to congratulate friends, order a song. I tried both. Order the song "And where are the warriors that hiking walking in the Crimea? .." Respond that they have no such song. Then the song "We will leave in serried ranks on our own free space" — there is none. And the song "Bill my mom birch rod, so I have not played with the young recruit"? — No, no. Well, the song "Star of Venus rose above the earth, bright dreams brought with them"? — Neither. Demonstrate alone primitive Russian pop music. And how many have beautiful Belarusian songs for all tastes! Zrusyfikavali all around, and live at the expense of the Belarusians. do not justify the Nazi fascists invaders, but even then were Belarusian schools and other institutions. Now rusyfikatary-fascists turned Belarus Vsyarus. One hopes that through Radio Liberty can be congratulate the brave Belarusians. Congratulate with light sweet belarusachak prazdnichkom — Freedom of days with a song in whiteRussian language . "
Comment editor of the TV program "Intex" Lilies Bankevich:
"We have a" Siabry "Yakov Naumenko, Ira Dorofeyeva Valery Dayneko, Tikhanovich Poplavskaja" Lyavony "," Krama ", NRM," Pesnyary "," Belarusian Pesnyary. "We have a catalog in which the individual may elect . But as ether, we constantly heard Belarusian songs. We ourselves are interested in it. I think that ethe man you must come to us in the broadcaster. If he is dissatisfied with something, we will solve the problem of on-site. "

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