Will a day — 1996. As it was

Viktor Ivashkevich
remembered that celebration:
"Officers with the rank of at least 71 major trampled spray. So" pok, pok, pok. "Some people were detained together with Pushkin," loaded "into the police" Icarus. "People ran out into the avenue, began to overturn this" Ikarus "together with detainees . Intersect was a movement. "
Whereupon protesters, about 6,000 people held a rally in the metropolitan area of the capital. Later campaign, conventions, meetings, creation of political parties, public associations have diverted attention to themselves. Celebration of days Will usually occurred at the office of the Belarusian Popular Front, or in the offices of the other parties. Held a solemn meeting, or there were concerts.


On the day on Russian TV channels on the evening news had read that in the end, "stripper" on the streets of the Belarusian capital cost pools of blood
ass referendum in 1995 revived the socio-political life. Perturbation of the authorities’ policy led to 25 March 1996 near the Opera House has gathered more than 50,000 people. Came outside people who have not previously participated in mass actions. Many came out of samaroblenymi white-red-white flags. Someone suggested we go to the television station and claim the opportunity to speak. Negotiations went on Zenon Pozniak. Voice
Valentin Golubev:
"It was such a square that pressured from all sides. I caught between 4-shields. Commandos have pressured and even tried to hit top club. Seemed that lose consciousness and die. Amazed that there were many young people. Students were actually from each institution. They have come together with teachers. Nobody is afraid. seems that after what actions BSU rector Kozulin rebuked go to such public events for students and teachers.’s how it happens in life, as it turns "… Sergei Antonchick
remembers those actions:

Lord Alexei
"This coming over, and later a herd of people, and it was quite a significant part of, I moved to the house Party Congress. Appeared on the balustrade and Zenon Pozniak Navumchyk. After their dramatic and sensual speeches people began to disperse.
Students slowly moving in small groups Avenue from Victory Square to the structure of the circus. Suddenly close to young braked buses and ran out the commandos. They were beaten with batons guys, thrashed feet. Many broken face, blood from his nose … Then avenue was covered with uneven tarmac. Funny day in the sun with Talagy snow puddles formed. On the day on Russian TV channels on the evening news had read about, with the result that "cleansing" on the streets of the Belarusian capital cost pools of blood. After that, the townspeople called their friends and if requested in order.
Celebrating the days of Freedom in 1996 became the first mass street action which gave rise to all future yearly shares.

We offer you a piece of reportage Galina prigorit dedicated days of action on the occasion of Freedom in 1996.

Tomorrow — in the morning broadcast of "Freedom" — the celebration of the days of Freedom in 1997 and 1998. Tags:, BNR, day, freedom

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