Will a day — 1999 and 2000. As it was

In 1999, Alexander Lukashenko Decree number 5 about the role of men in mass events have been transferred to the Administrative Code. It was Article 167 ‘. Another article to anticipate additional responsibility for the white-red-white flag at the rally. In police reports, it sounded like "the use of unregistered symbols."

) Yury Belenky
recalled that the decision to go on a street action on the year wasabout fundamentally for friends of the Conservative Christian Party BPF.
"Fantastic act the power to suspend at least some manifestation of the spirit of independence, at least some appearance of state symbols."
In spring 1999, Gennady Karpenko dies. His wife claims that her husband killed. May 7 Yuri Zakharenko disappeared. May 30 at the underpass at the station "Nyamiha" killed 53 people. The opposition said that the deadline for the presidential possibilities of Alexander Lukashenko. Collected signatures for nomination Misha Chyhir. As a result, policies were arrested, and under prosecution were all members of his family.
Bandazhewski arrested. September 16 missing Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky. Autumn dispersal "Freedom March" and two criminal casesbut against Statkevich and Valery Shchukin.
Four months later, people began to gather in Freedom day on Yakub Kolas. Morning there were water cannons, armored vehicles, armed men with dogs. Soldiers internal troops detained 35 foreign and Belarusian journalists. They were taken to a hangar on the ground that the military unit. Many pitched camera and voice recorders.
The stadium of the military were diplomats and members of the Polish Sejm.
Nikolai Khalezin remembered that in that situation people rescued laughter.

"Then there was a very funny episode with Krystoferam panic, who worked in the OSCE mission. When he was thrown into the car, he said:" I have integrity. I’m a diplomat. "One of the policemen told him:" It was you, while I’m not delayed. "
If thrown into a car Christopher Panic OSCE mission, he said: "I have integrity. Diplomat I am." One of the officers replied: "It was you, while I’m not detained"

Yuri Belenky beat shop around "Capital." Then the first time he met with the current head of the KGB.
"Come, Colonel." Who here asked honey help. "I said," I need to. "" Why are you talking to me in Belarusian. What are you — a fascist? What did your Pozniak Belarus? . " I say: "Thanks to you Paznyaku currently serving here in Belarus, not in Chechnya."
And he said: "If Our homeland will give the order, then go to Chechnya!". Began read something about Lukashenko. And I told him: "Leave me alone, you and your Lukashenko. You see, as it was called deputies? . " Then he ran into the room where the police make protocols: "The investigators, investigators, arrest him, he referred to the President" … It is curious that no officer moved. " Controlled acceleration then Minister of Internal Affairs. Yuri Sivakov
On that day in Minsk detained more than four hundred people.
About 100 people were in jail Akrestsin Street for his role in an unsanctioned rally, actually authorities did not carry out.

We offer you the archives of "Freedom" piece of reportage about celebrating Yuri Karmanova days of Freedom in 1999.

But a piece of reportage about Lyubov Lunyova shares on the occasion of days will in 2000.

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