Will a day — 2007 and 2006. As it was

First, in 2006, state television almost every day to scare viewers attacks, economic and political unstable, if the choice is in favor of candidates of the democratic movement. 10s distributors propaganda materials were still behind bars for a day or three weeks before the election.
Those who dare to enter the day of voting area, even threatened with death. But gathered on the square for more than 10 thousand people. The next day put the tent. Camp stood almost four days. In Minsk, the bullpen did not have enough cameras on hundreds and hundreds arrested. In the courts in the morning until the evening judged opposition. People began to take back to the bullpen Minsk district.

Favorite reads movement "For Freedom"

Alexander Milinkevich:
"When I looked at the faces of people gathered at the monument to Yanka Kupala, we beheld a beautiful, beautiful spirit people. Mood It was a moral victory."
When the meeting ended and people began to disperse, Alexander Kozulin invited those who were still in the park, go to the bullpen Akrestsin Street and put flowers there in a symbol of solidarity with political prisoners.

Under the bridge on Dzerzhinsky Avenue column commandos met by Dmitry Paulichenka and soldiers of internal troops. They went on to overclocking, mercilessly beating anyone who got in the way.
Lena Sokolovskaja
was a mass of people who did not get away.
"A guy offered to all the ladies leave, or hide behind them. But many of the ladies were. We beheld as approaching fighters. We were locked in a chain of hands here … blows rained down on us. Shadenka When dropped, it began kicking him. I forgot about their pain and nightmare and rushed to his aid. clung to his shoulders fighter and screamed that he was gone. struck me a lady from Marina Hills. She had a bag in his hands and she start "adhazhvats" fighter of the bag, they started from scatter it. "
The first time the authorities have applied noise bombs to disperse the demonstration.
To This time nobody has been able to confirm the information that during a collision people were killed.
Alexander Kozulin was detained and accused of massive mess. With that time he is behind bars.
10s of students participating in street protests, was expelled from school. The program Kalinowski gave them the opportunity to extend study abroad.
List of political prisoners replenished youth activists.
In 2007, organizers of the celebration days of the Will after the events of 2006 did not count on a huge number of participants. But, despite the preventive arrests, took to the streets around 10 thousand people.

"People are not afraid and all the same took part in these processions, which captured the entire center of the town, thanks to the fact that 2-party strolled column. After March 25 nobody was punished. "
Observers note that in the past year for the first time the authorities did not disperse unauthorized demonstration in Freedom day. Authorities have failed to bring down the wave civilian activity. In addition, under the pressure of the international community several youth activists managed to avoid harsh sentences in criminal cases for his role in an unregistered organization.

This year the organizers of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the BNR express confidence that solemn event will take place in the planned format.

Offer from the archives of Liberty piece of reportage Lyubov Lunyova March 25, 2006.

And a piece of reportage Anna Sous March 25, 2007. Tags:, BNR, day, year of freedom, as it was in 2006

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